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August 31, 2014

Like an American

If you know me you know my favorite occasion to dress for is anything American.  There is nothing sweeter than a little girl in red, white, and blue.  I wanted my pictures to come out super cutesy and sweet, but I just look sassy as usual.  

 My top is from Urban Outfitters, it is one of the first things I ever got from there! It is so old it could probably be sold as vintage.  I love the accent of the red buttons, and the adorable trim on the collar.  Sadly, this shirt is no longer but there is a great shirt from Urban Outfitters that has a similar style.  
 My necklace is super expensive and you probably can't afford it because it's from Claire's.  I found some adorable anchor necklaces on Etsy and super inexpensive!

 I love these high waisted red short from Forever 21,  the three buttons are just perfect for a vintage inspired look.  These exact shorts aren't available any longer but they have a pair without the buttons.
 My shoes are Miz Mooz,  these shoes are so comfortable whenever I know I will be walking I pull these out.  These exact shoes aren't being sold but they have two pairs that I love just as much if not more ;).  Check them out here and here.

August 28, 2014

Boy meets Mermaid

This look has such a great mix of styles so its perfect for someone like me who can't stick with one style of clothes for more than a week.  I love this shiny halter crop from American Apparel, it brings me back to my long haired mermaid vibes I had this summer. It glistens like a rainbow in the sunlight!

 As you probably already know I am obsessed with my Levi's, I would get more pairs but then I probably wouldn't wear anything else.  These are perfect for pairing with a skimpy top because they are larger and make up for lost fabric on the top.

 I am wearing a choker around my waist, before you judge it was completely stretched out and could not be worn on anyones neck!  I love the uniqueness of adding an accessory to an unexpected place.
 The best part of my outfit is obviously my Doc McStuffins band-aid.

August 26, 2014

1 Chain

I love this cool school girl look.  My plaid skirt is from Anastasia, the length is perfect.  Circle skirts that hit right above the knee are so flattering and so fun to twirl in.  American Apparel has a similar version but more mini.
 I wore a simple racerback tank to put the skirt in the spotlight.  By tying the tank it gives a flirty twist on a basic tucked in top.
 The pairing of the athletic socks with the flirty skirt give this look a major school girl vibe.
 My necklace is by Tasha from Nordstrom.  I love how it can be worn short as a collar or longer as a necklace.  It gives any outfit a perfect amount of edge.  
 I am wearing my go-to Converse.  There is honestly nothing I love more than white shoes.  I highly suggest making an investment.  They do get dirty but the dirtier the better, it shows character.


August 24, 2014

Flower Child

I wore this outfit on the first day of school and I wanted to wait to photograph it until we went to the perfect place.  Today my family went to the Nature Boardwalk in Lincoln Park and I knew my floral dress would be perfect for the occasion.  

 This dress is by Betsey Johnson for UO.  I love Betsey so I was beyond excited when my two favorites came together.
 I love the shape of this dress, the neckline and bell shaped sleeves are just adorable.  It had such a vintage feel.

 My killer shoes are from Topshop. I love that they don't have a tongue it's so unique! The chunky shoe works well with the ultra feminine dress because of the soft color of the shoe.
 The pattern on this dress is amazing,  I love how spaced each bunch of flowers are.

August 18, 2014

BACK TO SCHOOL: Glamjammies

This post is for all my lazy ladies.  The silhouettes of this look are so similar to pajamas (hello sleeping in class), with the cotton short and large button-down, but perfect for a day time look.  

 Call me the bargain queen because I got these jellies off Amazon for $13! They are just as good of quality as the ones sold for much more so I am quite pleased.  I love the specks of silver glitter to spice up the plain clear color.
 I wore these shorts the first day of seventh grade! They are Material Girl from Macy's,  I love reviving old clothes that become neglected! Forever 21 has a super similar pair to this that I love!
 This adorable heart-pocket chambray shirt is from J. Crew. The shirt is no longer available but they have many chambray styles.  I love the size of this shirt, it's not fitted so it has a very relaxed feel.  You can easily achieve that by buying one size up.


August 16, 2014


 I'm back again with everyone's three favorite words! Back to School outfit #2.  Although I wish I could show up on the first day of school in a sweater and boots and it would magically be fall, that's not happening.  I am lucky enough to go to a school without air conditioning *sarcasm* so the summer clothes will be out until October.  For this awkward seasonal transition time I like to pair summer silhouettes with fall colors and patterns.  If this top was floral, the shorts were denim and I wore a pair of wedges it would be a perfect outfit for a nice warm July day!
 Say "toodles!" to boring school bags.  I love using an oversized purse to keep all my books in.  This bag is awesome because the sides can be tucked away to be turned into a smaller everyday purse.  This bag is from Nordstrom.

 I loveeee this top, plaid makes me feel like Cher Horowitz so I obviously wear it at every opportunity.  The shape of this top is great because it is a little bit slouchy, but still has a girly vibe from the ruffle.  This top is by Living Doll from BP at Nordstrom.

 These leather paneled shorts are from H&M, I found a similar pair at Forever 21.

August 13, 2014

Honey Bunches

Today is such a beautiful day and what better way to spend it than at the Nature Boardwalk outside the Lincoln Park Zoo.  I have never been there before but I did not want to leave.  
 This mint and cream skirt is stunning, I love the pleated detailing and the color blocking.  My favorite part of this skirt is that it is from Forever 21! I found a similar color blocked skirt in a shorter version here.

 I saw a gorgeous Monarch butterfly! It's so big it looks like a bird in this picture!
 My shoes are from Modcloth and they are no longer available but they have an amazing selection of mint heels that are to die for!

 My lace top is by Chloe K, this top is from like three years ago and I have been completely neglecting it but I have fallen back in love.  I found a similar top in white on Lulu's (might have to buy it for myself too!).

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