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October 30, 2014

Plaid and Glitter

Recently on Pinterest I have been seeing lots of outfits featuring plaid and sparkles.  I love the combination of the more rustic plaids mixed with the glitz and sparkles, so I wanted to put a look together like it for you all!
If you can't already tell I have a plaid-session. I love this plaid top because it is the shape of a classic flannel but it is a super cute blouse.  The detailing in the back is my favorite part.  It is from Una Mae's a store in Wicker Park.
These jeans are a beauty.  I love funky jeans so I couldn't wait to add these gold babies to my collection.  They are by SuperTrash from Clever Alice, find a similar pair here.
This amaaaaazing clutch was made by my fabulous mommy herself!  It is seriously better than a pair of gloves.

This outfit is so glam but also super casual! It would be perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or a lovely fall date.


October 28, 2014

How to dress bad

Sometimes fashion inspiration comes from the less fashion fortunate.  There is something to be said about letting your confidence shine through and being able to pull off any look.  But what really makes this look work is how these items fit, the length of the skirt hits right at the knee and the sweater fits like a glove.  
 This sweater is perfect for everything from ballet class to a fabulous fall outfit.  I love finding basic pieces that will be worn all the time and last! This sweater is definitely one of these pieces, it is from Urban Outfitters.
 This belt is from Anthropologie but has such a vintage charm to it.  One staple piece like this can transform any simple look.
 My sexy mom skirt is by Levi's and so are my boots!


October 26, 2014

What season is it?

When fall doesn't feel like fall it is the perfect opportunity to show off your bare arms and legs for the last time. It was 70 degrees and sunny yesterday, what?! I wanted to keep this look feeling like fall because there is nothing worse than a girl in her little summer florals in October, but mostly I wanted to wear my new boots.  My favorite thing I own right now is this Moschino phone case, because I honestly can't think of anything that is more Dani.  
 My leather top is by Halogen from Nordstrom, I never realized how much I would wear this piece when I bought it.  I wear it with jeans and booties, or untucked over a skirt like I have here.  Since the back is a soft sweatshirt material it is probably the coziest leather shirt out there.
 I usually am not a fan of body-con skirts unless you have the booty for it, which I don't, but this black and white stripe classes up the ever tacky skirt.  By pairing it with a larger top it, the skirt doesn't look so skimpy.  This skirt is from Urban Outfitters and is no longer available, buy one similar here.
 I am getting so good at accessorizing these days, I am so proud.  This amazing necklace is originally Freedom for Topshop but is no longer available.  Buy one similar here!

 I have been in desperate need of a tall black boot.  I walked in to Steve Madden and my prayers had been answered.  I love the chunky platform with the knee high boot, it is so hard to find boots that go up the knee right now.  These boots are a little bit edgy but still look uber classy! Buy them here while they are on sale!


October 23, 2014

All About the Bag

Some mornings are just not as inspiring as others, I wake up and dread how bland my outfit will be.  But I have the perfect way to turn that outfit frown upside down! Start with a super simple pair of leggings and a white button down shirt.  My leggings are from Forever 21 and my shirt is fromOld Navy.  
And start accessorizing! An amazing statement bag will spice up any look.  Mine is from Neiman Marcus Last Call.  Get a purse in a unique color, it will really make your bag stand out from the crowd. My favorite part of this bag is the faux crocodile detailing. 
Add a funky necklace! This necklace is from Claire's and I wore it when I was a gypsy for Halloween. Never limit the places you shop! You can find amazing gems anywhere.  
A grey blazer is a major necessity for every girl's closet.  They are perfect for layering and finishing off any classy look.  Get one from Nordstrom.

Tuck back those messy wisps with a giant headband!

October 18, 2014

Work of Art

Full midi skirts are what life is all about right now.  This outfit is so dreamy and romantic but is also super bold.  The MVP of this outfit is obviously my skirt, it is a major eye-catcher (lol it has eyes on it). You can buy this skirt from Akira, and look like you belong in a museum.  
 In honor of Beyonce sporting bangs, I went with my own faux side swept bang look.
 I love this knit and leather jacket.  It gives the look a more casual vibe and would be perfect over any outfit casual or dressy.  It is by Bebe.
 Extend the life of your sandals for a few weeks longer by adding socks.  It adds the perfect amount of ugly to this adorable outfit.
 This top is from Asos.  Pair a smaller simpler print with a larger print like the one on the skirt for a super high fashion look.


October 16, 2014

Glam-nesday Adams

I am not quite sure if it is just the time of the year but this outfit is giving me major Wednesday Adams grown up and in the city vibes.  I love pulling out my favorite blacks and embracing my inner witch.  
 Before I get to the clothes lets focus on my lipstick.  I love this gold lipstick,  it is so highly pigmented and also super moisturizing.  It is by Lipstick Cult, they are a brand new brand started in Chicago! I love finding local brands to support.
My bag is from Akira Chicago, I love the quirky style. This bag is not currently available but I found you an adorable one with a kitty face here! Also, my current nail situation is matte black with a navy accent nail.  
My sweater is from American Apparel, putting a fitted crop top over a looser and longer top gives a very unique shape.  I love the all black version, but using different colors or patterns would also make for a great look that I can not wait to try out!  I am just wearing a simple black tank that I bought a couple sizes to big in order to get some extra length.   
 Glamify your everyday black leggings by investing in a pair with an animal print accent.  My leggings are from Akira, although they are no longer available find a similar pair here.  These leggings are a great way to give texture to any outfit without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.

 My tiny heart necklace is kind of hidden by my hair but I love this necklace.  It is so simple and girly, buy one on Etsy. This beaded tassel necklace is from Anthropologie many years ago but you can find a similar one on Etsy also!


October 11, 2014

Blue Velvet

This is one of my favorite dresses I own.  Velvet is obviously the best fabric out there so I love to wear as much of it as I can.  The slit is a gift, it not only allows you to walk it, it allows you to show off your fabulous legs! The dress is no longer available at Urban Outfitters but here is a similar dress from Asos.  

 Layering sweaters over dresses are great ways to transition them into fall.  This sweater is from Nordstrom many years ago, here is one similar.  I love the tiny fall floral with the knit pattern of the sweater, it is a great way to mix patterns without even thinking about it.
 My adorable shoes are from Anthropologie.  Here is a similar shoe by Steve Madden.
 Pair with purple lipstick, a choker, and messy hair and you are off!


October 7, 2014


There is nothing better than those giant Halloween candy mixed bags, it has one similar theme but many different styles, like this outfit.  We have a base of browns, oranges and blues, but we also have some preppyness (apparently that's not a word) some bohemian vibes and a touch of vintage silhouette.  
 My necklace is from Anthropologie, that store is the meaning of fall so I apologize for the overload of posts featuring them coming your way.  This necklace is no longer available but I linked a more fall like style above.  I love messy hair, probably just because I am lazy, but for this look I ran my straightener through it just a few times and got a super soft look.
 This tank is from Nordstrom, mixing patterns is super easy when finding colors that go perfectly. Don't be afraid of mixing different color as well! Here is a top that will go adorably with the skirt I picked out from Anthropologie.
 This skirt is from Anthropologie many years ago, here is a similar skirt.  It is the epitome of a fall skirt with its color scheme and knit fabric.  Super mini skirts are so passé  I love skirts that hit right above the knee, if you have short legs like me keep your legs looking long with a good pair of heels.   When you are my size belts are your best friend but don't settle for a boring style.
 Ruffle socks! These are perfect for any look and will make you feel ready for church.  Buy them from American Apparel.  These shoes are by Me Too, if you know me you know that I literally wear these constantly (I also have them in black).


October 5, 2014

Little Lamb

 I love fall (sorry I probably have said this twelve times already this week).  Fall is the only time of year where it is acceptable to live off pumpkin butter, pumpkin Pinkberry and pumpkin ravioli.  There are so many fun fall  activities and this is the perfect outfit for all of them.
 This. Vest. I literally want to sleep with it every night.  It is just about the chicest way to wear a blanket/throw pillow.  This is from the Bloomingdale's outlet store. You can get one similar from Forever 21.  I love this flannel from Madewell, it is perfect for pumpkin picking and strolls in the city.  The loose cuffs give the vest a more relaxed look.
 I rarely wear plain skinny jeans but I fell in love with these high waisted jeans from Urban Outfitters.  Urban's jeans fit so nicely and when you can find a pair on sale it is literally a gift from above.
 These lace-up tan boots are by Miz Mooz, but you can buy a similar style here. The low heel is great for all things fall has to offer but still keeping your legs looking long and lean.  

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