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November 29, 2014

Black Friday

I found this amazing Ecote dress on sale at Urban and was totally inspired.  Obviously I love all things weird and dark so I went all witchy with this look. 
spooky goth girl fall fashion style clothes style black

black fall winter lace dress urban outfitters

 These boots are by Steve Madden.

 These amazing paper lashes are by Paperself, I have had them for forever and could not wait to find the perfect look for them.
fake eyelashes paper eyelashes black lips lipstick

 My sick braids are by Angelo Juliano.

 I am wearing a chocolate lipstick over black liner.
spooky makeup goth dark eyes fake eyelashes


November 27, 2014

Thankful: Favoire

    I am so thankful this year, not only has it almost been one year since I began blogging but I have met so many amazing people and have been given so many opportunities.  Since I have been given so much I  wanted to give back this holiday season.

   Favoire is a brand new shopping website that helps users discover incredible items and allows users to add purpose to them.  Instead of selling the typical cause related products (nothing is made out of hemp lol) they let shoppers add purpose to items that don't normally have one.  On Favoire, every item has the power that a Tom's shoe has.  You don't need to wait for a brand or designer to support a cause -- you can do it yourself.  And the best part? The items aren't marked up in any way. This holiday season every single item purchased on Favoire supports girls access to education in the underdeveloped world. Giving back is the true spirit of the holidays, and it's never been easier. Please check out the website at: Visit my profile to shop my favorites.  

The two causes this holiday season are She's the First and Stand 4 Education, providing education for young girls in under developed countries.  Click the link to learn more about these outstanding causes.  I highly encourage you to ditch fashion's superficial stereotype and shop with meaning! 

November 26, 2014

Grey Scale

I'm not at all sorry about the amount of grey outfits I wear.  Grey is so classic and chic, you can't go wrong.  
fall outfit fashion clothes style grey girl
 Layering different fabrics is my favorite.  I love the gradient coat with the plaid clutch, they work so well since they both have similar color palettes.
grey skirt grey groutfit coat winter
 My fuzzy furry scrunch is by Haybands! I literally got it last night and was so excited to wear it I had to incorporate it in my outfit.
This Lucy Paris top with the jeweled neckline is amazing, no need to accessorize.  It is a perfect crop top for winter because of the thick scuba fabric! 
If you recall I just blogged this skirt but I adore it so much I couldn't help it,  it is probably one of my current favorites.  It is from Anthropologie.  
groutfit grey love outfit coat skirt fall style winter fashion
 My shoes are from Gap.
 For my perfect pout I colored my lips with brown liner and layered Gloss Snob in Topless over it.


November 25, 2014

Jolie Moche

Mixing the pretty with the ugly makes for the best kinds of outfits.  Obviously I could not give up my love for crop tops just because of the weather, so I layered them to give a more winter appropriate look.    
 This pink vinyl skirt is by Topshop.  I feel super Kim K in this skirt and love the shape.  I made it more casual by pairing it with oversized Campbells, but you can find a similar pair here.
 This Topshop top was featured in a summer look but has been totally redefined here.  I love the use of the layers to bring down to amount of chest bone(no boobs to be shown).  My long sleeve crop is from American Apparel.
 Love raiding my mom's jewelry drawer to find unique pieces!

 In honor of ANTM's last shoot.


November 22, 2014

Kitty Rose

This outfit is fashion meets little girl who dresses herself.  Mixing different pattern categories makes for a super fun look! 
florals, fur, girl, fall fashion

I love this super bold print against the black.  These are by Vigoss but you can find a similar pair here. These adorable red Dorothy shoes are by Miz Mooz.
red shoes, floral pants, roses
Choose patterns that have a similar base color, like black in this outfit and you can mix and match all you want! Find a faux fur vest like this one here.  My military parka is from Nordstrom, this is such a versatile coat and always chic.
girls hair, fur, coat, winter, fall fashion
My Glamour Doll makeup the show stopper of this outfit.  I love trying new things with makeup and I can't wait to show you the rest of the Glamour Doll makeup I pair with my outfits!
All Glamour Doll makeup retails for under $5! Which is so exciting because of how highly pigmented the makeup is.  I am wearing a coral lip gloss and green glitter eyeliner.
coral lips, lip gloss, eyeliner, glitter

Have a fun weekend and mix some patterns!
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November 20, 2014

Cords and Cable Knit

When it gets as cold as it is these days you have to be practical.  Although practicality is one of my least favorite things I know it is time to pull out the cords and chunky sweaters.  But the cold weather is never an excuse to lose your style! Keep reading because I have a special surprise.
fall style, sweater, cords, grey and blue, fashion
 My killer cords are from Gap.  Pants have to be pretty exciting for me to fall in love with them and these definitely are exciting.  These are from last season so here are some similar pants.
I got these beautiful Kendra Scott earrings in my Rocksbox! I usually do not wear earrings but love trying new ways to accessorize looks.  I pulled my hair back and really let these babies shine.  
 I HAVE A PRESENT FOR YOU! Click this link then click "get started" and enter beyourbrightest for your first month of RocksBox for only $9! Merry Thanksgiving loves <3
earrings, jewelry, girl, fall style
 My chunky sweater is from Akira and is so cozy.  A big grey sweater is perfect for the entire winter season.  These grey booties are from Gap.

November 17, 2014

Kiss InstaWave

 You all know I love me some mermaid waves, but I also know that they are not always easy to achieve.  I have the most exciting thing to share with you! The InstaWave by KISS is an automatic curler that gives you any kind of curl you desire.
KISS InstaWave instantly creates beautiful curls with one button.  It is easy for anyone to use, from any angle, with any hand, as a lefty I know how important it is to find appliances that work for either hand!
There is a Curl Dial with left/right curl directions, this is super important in achieving a natural look, by allowing you to alternate with every curl. The InstaWave automatically shuts off after 90 minutes and has two heat settings with a maximum temperature of 420 degrees.

If the video is not loading view it here
To use simply hold to InstaWave vertical, place a section of hair on the rod and touch the dial in the desired direction.  I was honestly afraid it would eat up my hair but it is completely tangle free! Hold for five to ten seconds depending on your desired curl, less for beachy waves and more for tight curls.  

You can purchase the InstaWave online or at Ulta, Target or  Put this on your Christmas list now!
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November 13, 2014

Gods and Monsters

I obviously love fur, but one great thing about it is how much texture it adds to a look.  I matched the long fringe of the coat with the long fringe on my dress, creating a look with killer movement.  

 This jacket is Ladakh x Urban Outfitters, I have been eyeing it for a while and it just went on sale so get it fast.  Pink fur is so fun, I feel like a super cool poodle.
 Pairing this maxi dress with black boots and a fur coat totally transforms it for fall.  You can find a dress similar here. I am sure you recognize my boots from earlier posts, but this is a completely different way of wearing them! High boots with high low type dresses gives a super interesting look. They are from Steve Madden.

 I just got the coolest curler ever and I can't wait to share it with you! Keep your eyes peeled.


November 11, 2014

I Heart Animals

Tbh I am not the biggest animal lover but I do love their fur, only when its faux of course! In this look I am wearing two different furs and two different reptiles.  There is honestly no better way to keep warm during the harsh winters.  
fur, fashion, winter style, boots, purse, outerwear
 Teddy bear fur might be the best thing on earth right now.  I would honestly wear it to bed if it hadn't been out in the elements so many times.  This coat is from Anthropologie but you can find a similar style here.
 I might have to take back saying that teddy bear fur is the best thing on earth because look at these boots.  These over the knee snakeskin beauties are by MIA.
 My furry headband was made by my lovely mummy and is definitely the chicest way to keep your head happy this winter.  Find one here!
winter style, makeup, fashion, girl, chicago, fur, winter

 Underneath all my layers is a simple sweater dress by Brooklyn Industries.  A grey sweater dress is such a winter essential and is perfect for a casual day.
chicago winter, style, fashion, fur, girl

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