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April 29, 2015

Day to Night: Call it Spring

I believe in nothing more than sparkles for day time.  Don’t let your prom shoes hide in your closet until the next formal.  For daytime I let my Bellolis by Call it Spring peek out from under a wide-legged, floral pant.  I went bohemian-chic with this look to allow my shoes to be the star. A good pair of shoes will give you the confidence to take on whatever the day throws at you.  

 Shoes are the most important part of any look, make sure prom night is no different.  These golden Bellolis take this edgy night time look to next level HOT. This feminine v-neck dress paired with a menswear inspired blazer gives a unique silhouette to this look.  Long dresses will only stop you from dancing all night, show off your legs and your moves! These Belloli heels are far from the average prom shoe and will have everyone’s eyes on you.  


April 27, 2015

Mary Kate and Mermaid

Mary Kate and Ashely are definite style queens but their style can be scary to take on.  They have perfected oversized everything, from sunglasses to dresses.  I love playing with longer and oversized silhouettes but because of my small frame can never seen to get it right.  This look perfectly mixes MK+A with MW (thats me, Mermaid Waves). 
 This button-down, maxi, tank from Urban Outfitters is the perfect place to start your oversized journey.      The slits go all the way up which allows lots of movement, I paired this with my Sin Clarity blazer to make sure my shirt doesn't blow too far away.
 I paired a simple pair of cutoffs with this look, but this look would also work with jeans or leggings.

 These Steve Madden boots (similar) add a witchy feel to this look.  This outfit looks great with the shirt blowing away and in place.

 I love this look from the side, its equally confusing and chic.


April 25, 2015

Donut Feed the Blogger

I thought eating donuts at the bus stop was a pretty low point until I came home from school to find out my shirt was inside out.  That's how you know the end of the school year is near, even though you would never guess from this weather.  I love mixing different styles in one look, this look is super feminine but has some sporty details.  

These gorgeous pastel shorts are by J.O.A., I can't wait to wear these all summer.  I love the sporty cut, along with the feminine fabric.

Thin stripes are basically a neutral, the only patterns I'm mixing in this look is the stripes on the donut box.  This top is from Emma, and is a perfect piece to transition right into summer.

These Topshop Platforms (similar), add some edge to this feminine look.


April 21, 2015

Thoughts on Festival Fashion

After two weekends of Coachella filling up every ounce of social media, I have come to some conclusions.  Festival fashion is an oxymoron, fringe vests do not look good on anyone, and face paint  needs to come to a conclusion.  I put together a classy, bohemian inspired look to take on all your summer dreams.  
 I stole this wrap-sweater-scarf top from my mother's closet but it is from Anthropologie.  I love the versatility of this top, you can pull it and twist it a million different ways.
 If you follow me on instagram (@mermaidwaves) you already know I'm on a mission to bring back bermuda shorts, a personal favorite of mine in elementary school.  I have pretty short legs and was nervous to try this longer style especially with flats, but it totally works.  This pair is from Asos, they are fitted but the distressed style makes them ultra laid back.
 This gold statement necklace is from my latest Rocksbox, along with my gold-band ring.  I took a chance by pairing this long necklace with a neckline that would not usually be paired with a necklace.  The long length of this necklace and the large size helps in stand out against this top.
 The stars of this look are definitely my Not Rated Sandals, this is the way to do fringe. They perfectly cover up my ugly feet.  I will be wearing these sandals are summer!


April 19, 2015


Since I have started blogging I have become more confident in my ability to try new trends.  So, here I am in culottes.  Culottes are understandably scary, and give me flashbacks to third grade wearing green gauchos, but I had to give them a chance.  
These First & I culottes hit mid-calf which according to my research is the perfect length.  

 To contrast the wide leg, I wore a fitted, American Apparl bodysuit on top.  I threw an open back blazer in crisp white over my bodysuit.  The blazer matches to movement quality and shape of the culottes perfectly.

 When in culottes it is important to preserve the length of your leg.  I wore a pair of sky-high heels by Steve Madden.

I can't wait to try out more summer trends! If there are any you want to see me tackle, comment below.

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