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September 29, 2016

Falling for Fall

This cool weather has me feeling so much joy, I am ready for Christmas.  But, before I get too ahead of myself, lets talk about what you need to be wearing this fall.  I got this Topshop cardigan (shop here) during the Nordstrom anniversary sale this summer and have been dying to wear it.  I am not usually a cardigan girl but I love the oversized silhouette and chunky knit.  To play up the long lines of the cardigan I paired it with this long white blouse (shop similar).  Another amazing NSale find were these Vince Camuto OTK boots (shop here), boots are the epitome of fall and these are the perfect update to your current collection.  Since I went on a skinny jeans purge I had to carefully crunch my Gap flares (shop here) into a pair of boots, I love the soft black wash and slight distressed effect on this pair.  I am super into accessorizing with my Christian Paul (shop here) watch these days, TBH the time isn't even set, but it adds a little class to any look.  

September 28, 2016

In Support of Bloggers

     This past week a lot of shade has been thrown towards the blogging community for tarnishing the fashion industry.  As a blogger, I am biased, but I wanted to take a stance on this issue not as a “blogger” but as a lover of fashion.  Fashion week was once only accessible to magazine editors, buyers, and other limited media sources.  Today, when you enter a show, you have all those same people, but add a front row full of bloggers and influencers to the mix.  Before the shows they are posting photos of their custom looks, and during the show they are sharing their favorite looks with their audience.  Their millions of followers are waiting patiently on the other side of the phone for the next photo; this gives these people an opportunity to see a whole new side of fashion. Bloggers have opened up the once exclusive world of fashion and shared it with the general public.  Anyone with an Instagram account can go follow @fashionbloggerofchoice and be exposed to more designers, couture pieces, and trends than ever possible without social media. With a quick scroll, you can watch videos from New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Week without a media badge or a coveted ticket.  Since the emergence of the fashion blogger, fashion has been brought closer to the people than ever before.  The pushback that has been shown over the past couple days scolds bloggers for “exploitation” when in reality they are creating a more inclusive fashion community.  The world has become so connected and exposed with the growth of social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, that the only way for the fashion industry to progress is to open its doors to its growing audience.  Art without an audience is nothing, and bloggers have sparked the general public’s interest in fashion giving it an audience wider than ever before, which is something worth praising.  No, there isn’t enough front row seats for everyone, but there is enough room for all of us to share the industry.  

Photo via The Chriselle Factor

September 27, 2016

Best of Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week has come to a close but these shows are the ones that will stay in our heads forever.  These designers are redefining spring and serving up major inspiration along the way.  This week was full of over-the-top luxury, major layers, and killer accessories.  


September 25, 2016

Gap Baby

It is finally feeling a tiny bit like fall so I pulled out all my favorite fall clothes.  I am seriously obsessed with these Gap jeans (shop here), I have been alternating between the dark and light wash pair all week.  I am wearing the light wash ones as I am sitting here writing this.  They are everything a girl could want in a pair of jeans, cropped and wide-leg.  Gap is the ultimate destination for fall clothing, and they have the best sales, all the time.  I am loving this striped turtleneck (shop here), it is so soft and light which makes it the perfect piece for layering.  Ok so, I have seriously awful news, this sherpa jacket is sold out online but I found a super similar jacket (shop here).  I finished the look with my fall shoe of choice, clogs (shop here).

September 23, 2016

Fall Beauty Inspiration: Goldplaited x Mermaid Waves

Yesterday I got the total glam girl treatment.  I seriously felt like I was ready to walk the red-carpet after getting my hair and makeup done by the fabulous ladies at Goldplaited!  I went to Goldplaited in hopes of bringing back my readers some major Fall hair and makeup inspiration and I think we did just that.  I am obsessed with this hair style because it is a little bit vintage and a little bit edgy, one side of my hair was gathered into gorgeous vintage waves and on the other side was a fishtail.  A vintage wave is the perfect "wave" for fall because it has more structure than a beachy wave that is seen all summer. To achieve this kind of look use a small barrel curling iron to create a tight curl then gently brush out the curls.  The fishtail gives this classic look a modern twist.  You could also recreate this look with straight hair instead of the waves for a super sleek and edgier vibe.  

 For my makeup we started with a metallic eye by mixing a taupe and gunmetal shadow together to create this unique smokey look.  Metallics are so on trend and adding them into your makeup look is a super easy way to wear them daily!  I ditched my usual cat-eye for black liner in my waterline, which allowed the amazing metallic shadow to take center stage.  A berry lip has been all over the runway this fashion week and is the perfect way to add a little drama to your look.  

Recreate this look yourself or head over to Goldplaited to get an amazing look created just for you!

September 22, 2016

Personal Shopper: Ivy Park AW

Ivy Park has just released its Autumn/Winter line and its even better than the first collection.  I have rounded up my favorite pieces from the new collection!  This collection can take you right from gym style to street style, and any place in between.  Shop my picks below before this collection sells out.

Shop: Topshop, $42
Imagine this top with a pair of boyfriend jeans, YAS. 

September 19, 2016

The NYFW Hairstyle You Need For Fall

Although the clothes are meant to be the stars of the runway, the beauty looks always seem to take a close second.  This NYFW one look seemed to reign supreme, super sleek hair.  A bold middle part and slicked back hair behind the ears is the perfect way to look chic while letting your outfit take center stage.  See the look on the runway below.



September 18, 2016

Layers of Love

Do you ever get dressed in the morning, look in the mirror and out loud say "yass".  That was me this morning, I put together this look totally blind.  I had no plan in mind for a fabulous outfit, but somehow one of my favorite looks to date was created.  I saw my momma rocking these jeans and I needed a pair (or two) for myself.  These Gap jeans (shop here) are the perfect addition to your denim collection, they aren't as intimidating as a culotte but still give you the perfect wide leg.  I like my cropped jeans a little extra cropped so I snipped off the hems to give them a raw edge.   On top, I layered this mesh tee (shop here) under a lace camisole (shop similar), this is one of my favorite trends this season.  I used to rock the layered camisole back in my middle school days so I really feel like a pro at it.  I had to get a couple more wears out of these amazing ASOS shoes before the season is over,  this pair (shop here) is seriously to die for.  I got this amazing choker in my goodie bag from the NYFW Fashion Palette show, the choker is by Natalie Rolt whose insanely gorgeous collection blew me away.  
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September 17, 2016

The Most Instagram Worthy Restaurants in Chicago

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September 15, 2016

Send Nudes.

 This is the perfect girl on the go look, on the outside you look effortlessly chic but in reality this look is like one step above pajamas.  I spotted this shirt at a NYFW pop-up shop, I love a sassy graphic print so this Monogram sweatshirt (shop here) was a must-have.  I am seriously loving every single one of their graphics and I see them making it very big very soon, #trendspot.  The pleated skirt is back, this with a shorter hem and a metallic hue.  This Zara skirt (shop here) is so versatile, it can easily be worn for a night out, but when paired with an untucked sweatshirt it is perfect for daytime.  News flash, you can totally rock flats with a skirt, and I don't mean ballet flats, I mean cool-girl flats.  I always shy away from this look for fear of making my short legs look even shorter but somehow I didn't hate it.  Pairing this look with these Vince shoes (shop here) made me feel like  I was just so busy and important, that I needed to wear flats, also I walked to lunch and didn't hate myself for wearing heels.  Bottom line, flats with a skirt are a total win when done right.  I am obsessing over this Target bag (shop here), it is not only adorable and the perfect size but it comes with a smaller bag that fits inside, bag in a bag is a major win.  

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a fun surprise!
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September 14, 2016

My NYC Hit List

I love Chicago but there truly is no place like NYC.  I am blessed to be able to visit New York as much as I do and I am sharing my favorite places to go.  Warning: this lists includes sooo much gluten, I love a good sandwich.  

Sip and Gram:

Cha Cha is the matcha destination of any girl's dreams, all pink, green, and palm print.  It is the perfect spot to cool down with a drink and get tons of #content.  You could get a whole days worth of snapchat stories in this place.  I have major regrets that I didn't get matcha soft-serve when I was there so please go and get some, then send me photos!  Below is the matcha cronut, matcha banana bread, and an iced matcha.

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September 13, 2016

New York Fashion Week: Day Three

Day three's look was a little different than my usual, I felt like I just walked off the Yeezy Season 4 runway.  This look is super simplistic but that is what makes it as bold as it is.  I love this amazing  t-shirt dress (shop here), it is perfectly oversized and has an oversized pocket for storing any food that may have missed your mouth (as seen on snapchat).  With this oversized tee I wore these amazing over-the-knee boots (shop similar here and here).  Over-the-knee boots can be kind of intimidating but this light suede makes the boots far less intense.  My accessories for this look built with the day, Dan Liu had a rose on each seat, and after Dan Liu's show I walked over to Cha Cha Matcha to cool down.  Hoops, handbag, rose, matcha, the major fashion week keys.  I honestly felt so fabulous walking down the street with my rose, trend forecast? I think yes.  
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September 11, 2016

New York Fashion Week: Day Two

I am currently back in Chicago (sad tear/happy tear) but I still have lots of #content to share with you from #MWFashionWeekend.  We started out day two by heading to Brooklyn for Refinery 29's 29 rooms.  It was the second year and was just as amazing as year one but bigger and better! I was a lucky one who only waited in line two hours, but it was worth every hot and sweaty minute.  Imagine the fun house of a fashion girl's dream, with boomerang and selfie opportunities around every corner.  

For my street style look I went with something a little more whimsical and feminine than day one.  I started with this amazing tulle skirt (shop here) and leather jacket (shop here) from Sans Souci.  I love the combination of the light and fluffy skirt with the edgy jacket.  Although this jacket already screams cool, I had to make it even cooler so I had "Mermaid Waves' embroidered on the back!  This is an awesome way to personalize any piece and I got it done at a local embroidery shop for only $15.  Under the jacket I layered two Gap Body bralettes (shop here and here) because bra + bra = shirt, its called algebra.  Obviously no ordinary shoe could stand up to a look this bold so I went with these Asos shoes (shop here) with floral detailing on the heels.  Even though these shoes are only $60, I truly feel I won the Street-Style-Shoe Game at least for Day Two.  
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September 9, 2016

New York Fashion Week: Day One

Hey lovelies! I am blogging to you in the midst of my #MWFashionWeekend.  Yesterday was a whirlwind, from waking up at 3:57 AM (I wish I could put those numbers in capital letters), to three amazing fashion shows, and of course fabulous meals in between.  I was so blessed to see two shows put on by Fashion Palette at Pier 59, and a show by designer Yuna Yang.  It was my first real taste of the fashion week life, running around to shows, charging my phone at any outlet I could locate and even sitting front row at all three events.  I had to start my weekend off with a bang, so I went with pleats and ruffles.  This Asos top (shop here) looks so chic and expensive, from the bird print to the fuchsia ruffle I felt very Gucci.  I also loved that it was slightly cropped making it the perfect length to sit right at the waistline of my skirt, no awkward tuck-in bunching here!  The pleated skirt (shop here), also by Asos, is everywhere right now and I loved this rich brown color.  To complete my granny-chic look I went with a Topshop gold kitten heel (shop here), I paid $60 for these and they are now on sale even more and are $24, I'm a little salty about it TBH but I want you to get the steal.  For accessories I stuck to my staples, Princess the Purse, oversized hoops (shop here), and oversized sunnies (shop similar).   Stay updated on Snapchat (danimikay) and Instagram (mermaidwaves) for moment by moment Fashion Week updates. 
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September 6, 2016

Nightly Skin Care Routine

I recently shared my nightly skincare routine on snapchat (danimikay) and it was a huge hit, so I thought I would share it here for a permanent reference! I have been dedicating about 20 minutes each night to take care of my skin and it has made such an impact. Although I have always taken care of my skin, this extra effort combined with new products has made such a difference.  It has been just over a week following this routine every night and I have seen less breakouts, brighter skin, and lighter acne scars.  Scroll down to go through my nightly routine step by step.  

None of this is sponsored, these are all the real products I use on the daily and have come to love! 
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September 4, 2016

Track Star

Happy Labor Day Weekend babes!  I took this opportunity to make the most out of summer dressing. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the AVP beach volleyball tournament on Oak Street Beach so I wanted to look equally sporty and beachy.  I started with these amazing track pants (shop here), I styled them super casually but they can easily be worn with a heel and a stellar jacket for a more elevated look.  See more of my track pant picks here.  On top I went with an oversized white button-up (shop here), wearing a blouse with your track pants will make certain that no one thinks you just walked out of the gym.  Since I was heading to the beach I left my top unbuttoned and wore a bikini top underneath, not that I was heading anywhere near the water, but for the effect.  I finished off this casual look with my favorite shoes ever, my Fenty slides (shop here).

September 3, 2016

5 Street Style Looks You Need to Copy ASAP

Tired of your go-to looks for fall? I have rounded up five street style looks that will become your new fall uniform.  You can wear these looks to school, to work, or for a day out and about, they are all versatile enough to take you anywhere you need to go.  These street style looks are super simple to recreate, you probably have most of these items in your wardrobe already, and if you don't I've created a shopping list below each look.  



September 2, 2016

Summer to Fall Floral

It is the second day of September so its basically Christmas time.  While I wish I could pull on multiple layers of Christmas sweaters and head out the door, I would probably melt.  This time of year is always the hardest for me to dress, I am always so tired of my closet and can not bear to put on another pair of cut-offs.  This is a perfect transitional look, you get a little bit of summer and a little bit of fall.  This mauve turtleneck (shop similar) is so light-weight but still allowed me to feel like I had on a sweater.  Wide leg pants (shop similar) are a total statement piece and demand to be the star of any look.  These pants can be worn right into fall when paired with an oversized sweater on top.  I finished off the look with an open toe bootie (shop similar) and oversized hoops.  I saw a post on Instagram saying that oversized hoops are making a major comeback,  honestly I am a little offended that I was not given credit for this movement.  
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