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June 9, 2017

Date Yourself: Become a More Confident You

Hey Merbabes!  Today we are chatting about something that has always come as second nature to me, but I have learned does not come so easy for many people, and that is spending time alone.  Growing up as an only child being alone never meant being lonely, honestly it meant that I didn't have to deal with anyone else.  I could play whatever games I wanted, dress up in the prettiest dress, and never have to share my toys.  That being said, I have always loved being alone, it has alway been something I look forward to and cherish.

 I often get complimented on my "confidence" and yes I am a very confident person but it is less "confidence" and more comfort.  I am completely comfortable with myself, and I know that all stems from my ability to be alone.   I am sharing with you three of my favorite ways to spend some alone time, or as I like to call it "date yourself".

1. Go on a Walk

If you know me you know I don't drive, ever,  One of my favorite ways to get wherever I need to go is to walk.  It is so simple but it is truly a great way to just be alone and at peace with your surroundings.  I love to wander a bit and take in what is going on around me, I usually route my walks to include a stop for matcha or to pass one of my favorite murals.  It is a perfect time to collect your thoughts for whatever is coming next in your day.  Whether you are heading to work or to workout you will arrive with a calm and centered mind.

2. Sweat

Working out with a friend is all kinds of fun but I am all about working out alone.  A good workout is one of the only things that can bring me down to earth.  Whether I am super anxious or overly annoyed there is literally nothing a sweat session can't fix.  You deserve that hour to focus solely on yourself, and not worry if your squats are as deep as your BFFs.

 As awful as this is, my daily workout, whether its cycling, running, yoga, or ballet, is the only time during my day where I am completely away from my phone.  It is so important to build in an hour or so a day to unplug and remember that you still exist off of Snapchat and Instagram.   My daily workout allows me to take my off-the-grid hour all for myself, while still being productive.

3. Treat Yourself

I love taking myself on lunch dates, I truly look forward to it every week.  I usually get a little work done, read a book, listen to music, or just sit and enjoy life.  I know to some people this sounds sad or completely horrifying but it is truly the opposite.  You can enjoy your favorite foods without having to be interrupted to answer a question or make conversation.  You can sit for as long as you'd like, sip your tea, and not have to worry about literally anything or anyone else.

PSA literally no one else cares or thinks you look weird eating alone, and if they do that is just their personal insecurity showing because they aren't comfortable enough with themselves to do what you are doing.

I promise you these simple things will make you a more confident, centered person.  Start simply by going for a walk and work your way down the list!

What are your favorite things to do alone?


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