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July 12, 2017

A Moment in Blue: How to Style a Monochromatic Look + Whats in My Purse

Hey Merbabes! If you didn't already catch my blue moment on Instagram, I am bringing it to you here.  I partnered with Coach to show off this gorgeous blue tote and was tote-ally (I know I hate me too) inspired to build a look around it.  

I have always been one of those people who gets one new item and immediately has to create a look starring that item.  Whether it is a pair of jeans or a tiny choker, I love putting the spotlight on a new piece.  Although I have fully incorporated this tote in to my day to day life, aka throwing it over my shoulder with whatever look I have on, at least just once, I had to let it really shine.

This post is a little different than most, I structured it to give you the ability to build a similar look, by mixing and matching pieces I have picked out for you.  Continue reading to shop this look as well as see what I carry in my bag daily.  

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I found this vintage tee when I was in LA at a record store in Silver Lake.  It is just so basic, like literally so basic, I needed it.  It reminds me of the Moschino "Designer Tee Shirt" tees but cooler because it's not trying that hard.  Plus a baseball tee is always a huge win for me, I don't really know if this is a baseball tee, but I like the blue around the sleeves and on the neck.  You know I'm not sporty.  Unfortunately you can't shop this exact tee so I linked multiple similar ones below.

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These jeans will always be a huge win for me.  I found them on sale at Zara, because duh, everything on sale at Zara is a win.  I love the distressing on this pair, it not only has rips but also raw hems and a killer side stripe.  The side stripe gives this pair of jeans more dimension and has a super flattering effect on your legs, aka making them look even more long and fabulous than they already are.  I gathered a selection of jeans that share similar qualities as this pair, such a two tone, raw hems, and side stripes.
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The major key to rocking a monochromatic look is finding a wall to match your look.  I found this wall in West Loop completely on accident.  I am pretty sure they put up this wall just as they saw me coming down the street in my blues.

 Accessorizing this look was easy, I stuck to simple golds with these oversized readers and a tiny rhinestone choker.  I have been all about gym shoes lately, they have become the only shoes I wear.  When I want something a little less sporty (this is about to be sarcasm) I throw on my Converse sneaker wedges.  The wedge makes these the "dressiest" shoes in my current rotation, I wish I was kidding but I am so serious right now.

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Whats in my bag?

If you follow along on snapchat (danimikay), you have probably seen my dramatic "Whats in my bag?" segments.  I always travel with literally everything one could possibly need, that being said my bag is always on the heavy side.  I shared this photo on Instagram but I wanted to give you the full rundown here.  
For the Studio:
Ballet Shoes - Flat and Pointe Shoes - depending on my mood. 
For the Gym:
Earbuds - duh.
A Lock - I like to keep what is mine, mine.
Out and About Essentials:
Portable Battery - When you have two phones and snapchat as much as I do this is a must.
Four Lipsticks and a Lip Balm - again, duh.
Water Bottle - I usually have one to three water bottles in my bag at any given time.  
Snacks - I live off of Go Macro / Lara Bars and dried mangos.
Sunnies - Squinting gives you wrinkles
Notebook - This book holds my entire life, I would be lost without it.
A pen - Always have a pen.



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